Our Values

We value: 
  • Health: We value our physical health, our mental health, the health of our families, communities and planet.
  • Sustainability: We value sustainable ingredients, packaging, and communities.
  • Local / Small Business: We value supporting our friends and neighbors, or people working to improve their communities.
  • “Doing Better”: We will never claim perfection. A, it is a total myth. B, it is exhausting.  We just try to do better. We start with an awareness. An awareness of what we are putting on / in our bodies. An awareness of healthy ingredients and sourcing. An awareness of our impact on the environment. Then we educate ourselves and make choices that are better whenever possible!  For us, this means using all natural and/or organic products. We support local businesses, small businesses, or community based businesses. For the most part, our packing is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.