Cosmetics vs. Pharmaceuticals

While conducting research (having a strong science background), we discovered that there are sources to support anything (within reason) that we want to say  and there are sources that will debunk anything. So here is where we come down on this in regards to our products. 

Cosmetics are not pharmaceuticals. Let me repeat that in case you missed it. Cosmetics are not pharmaceuticals.  However here are some basic facts. Our skin is our largest organ. Most of us, on most days put a lot of crap onto said organ which then absorbs into our systems. Depending on our skincare routine, we are often times introducing known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, or a host of other toxics chemicals into our bodies by putting them onto our bodies. Challenge -  look at the ingredients of your lotions, your soaps, your deodorants, your face products and pronounce or identify most of the ingredients.  Probably not very easy. Another fact, if it is listed under “fragrance” it is not regulated at all; it is considered a proprietary blend and can contain anything.

Our products reflect an effort to “do better.”  

EVERY ingredient in our products is natural, easily pronounced, organic if possible, locally sourced if possible, and because I also am a staunch environmentalist fair-trade and sustainably sourced. Most of the packaging is as well. 

While every ingredient has known beneficial properties, again they are not intended to cure or “fix” any issues. If that is what you are seeking, I highly recommend talking to a licensed physician first.  Product ingredients are all listed as well as their known beneficial properties to guide your decision on what best suits your skin. Any nut products will be listed as well for those of you who prefer an allergy friendly product.  

For those you who prefer vegan products, this will be noted as well or can be special ordered! While our products do not involve harming any animals, we do use some animal products such as goats milk (my favorite soap), honey, and beeswax.