Our Story

Two Hearts Is actually the result of five hearts (children). It was the final two that inspired the name. 

As a mother my work needed to be more meaningful.  My personal impact on the world needed to be better. I believe that I had it wrong initially and thought being a better mother had to do with making organic baby food and ensuring that everything they touched was all natural, organic, BPA free, blah, blah, blah. Maybe it’s the result of having five children, but now I am more about balance.

With five kids (two being special – I’ll get there) I have had to adjust my life motto from being perfect, profound, and impactful to just doing better. Some days doing better means doing nothing.

My last two hearts, came as a set (twins) and this set came with matching Congenital Heart Defects.  I ditched the professional work force / career path and became devoted to being everything they need.  While it is a blessing that my family circumstances afforded me this option, and I have guilt for saying it, I have also always felt like it was a sacrifice and that I was giving up the ability to make a difference in the world outside my family.  But at heart, I am a creator, so I started creating and I aligned it with my values, voila “Two Hearts.”

At Two Hearts, we strive to use organic, all natural, free trade, sustainably sourced, local, and community building ingredients and products. We create products that are good for you and good for our communities, while minimizing our impact on our planet. Everything is small batch crafted and made with purpose. 

 Thank you for supporting us and for choosing to do better!