Goats Milk Soaps

Goats milk - no kidding (pun totally intended) is the base of our soaps unless specified as a specialty item.  Goats milk is soothing and rich in fats that makes our soaps smooth and creamy. It is high in nutrients which supports healthy skin and has  a high lactic acid content, which naturally exfoliates. Better yet our milk is fresh and unpasteurized making it the BEST! Until we raise our own goats, "Holy Goat Creamery," located in Manhattan, KS (https://www.holygoatcreamery.net/) is the place to go to provide a high quality milk.

All soaps are cold processed and cured at least 4-6 weeks. 

Everything is also hand made and hand cut, so there will be variances in shape, size and sometimes color. Labels may be off center and we can't promise perfection (depending on how tired we are and who's hands are helping)... but the important thing is the recipe will stay the same!